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The Selling Process

Go to market

From professional photography, virtual tours, e-flyers, direct mailers, hosting broker & public open houses and job is to market your property so that it stands out. When done well, your listing can create a good and lasting impression that will have buyers going back to it even if they review other properties.

I will invest in a multi-platform strategy to gain as much mileage as possible. Buyers spend the majority of their time home searching online therefore, a strong digital marketing campaign including social media platforms is key!

Review offers and negotiate carefully

As your agent my job is to work for you. We will review each offer carefully keeping in mind your goals and ensuring you get the best price and the best terms. If you focus solely on the price, you may overlook terms that could be favorable to you as the seller:

Some terms that may work in your favor:​

  • Quick close - the buyer is pre-approved and ready to close in a timeframe that best suits you

  • All-cash deal

I will negotiate for your best interests! 

Have your attorney review the contract

Here, lawyers for each party examine and guarantee a clear title to the property. This step takes up to three days on average, but could also take as long as a month. Good real estate lawyers are thorough. They help you identify potential points of contention but will also work to ensure that you and the seller can seal the deal as soon as possible.

Go into escrow

Upon signing a contract agreeing to the terms of the sale, you and your buyer go into escrow, a process whereby the buyer’s earnest money is entrusted to a third party, also referred to as an escrow agent.

You as a seller will just have to sit this out, as the buyer deals with having a bank or lender assess your property to verify if the agreed-on price matches the market value. The buyer will also authorize a home inspection. Your role is to give bank reps and inspectors access to your property, and be responsive to issues that arise, including clearing liens on the title, or dealing with defective materials discovered in your home.

Close the deal

When every contractual obligation has been met, the escrow process ends, and the money held in trust will be released to you.

Pratiksha "Preet" Kumar

Broker Sales Associate

Mobile:  (732) 910-0905

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